Proshade SAL

Wooden venetian blinds


Reliable, highly functional, and decorative window treatments – fully adjustable to get the desired light ambiance in a room.

Natural rich timber toning or stylish painted colours

Natural timber grain offers a timeless rich warmth to complement any room. Our venetian shades also have fashionable painted designer colours to match any décor – including traditional or contemporary.

Hard, stable and light weight

Unlike other timbers in the market, it’s more stable and doesn’t warp as much as other woods and fauxwood, yet they have a light weight.

Unique flat fascia design

Fitting in with contemporary home décor, our venetian blind design covers the high profile head rail, giving a better finished appearance.

Set light and temperature for optimum comfort

By tilting of the slats, you can create the exact light ambience you want. In winter, the great insulation properties of wood mean heat is conserved when slats are closed. In summer, they can be opened to let the cool breeze through.

Setting these wood venetian blinds to full-tilt blocks the light and creates total privacy at night. By pulling them right up, an unrestricted view is possible.

Easy to operate

Our venetian window blinds are smooth and easy to draw up and down. There is one cord to open and close slats (for 50mm size) or a wooden tilt wand (for 25mm size), plus cords to raise and lower the blind – with steel self-locking to hold their position. Cords can be optionally on the left or right.

Extra heavy UV coating to look great for longer

Our wooden venetian blinds are coated with special high grade UV protectant, making them long-lasting and resilient to fading and damage.



  • Light weight
  • Excellent sun rays stopping
  • Extra heavy UV coating to look great for longer
  • Slats tiltable by control cords or by tilt wand to get exact light level wanted
  • Have clear unrestricted view through to total view blocking for privacy
  • Durable headrail system and working parts provide smooth and easy operation
  • Easy to lift and angle
  • Made to measure in different sizes



Venetian blind size
  • Minimum width: Tilt only: 25cm – Split controls: 30cm – Combined control: 40cm
  • Maximum width: 244cm
  • Drop limits: 20cm – 300cm
  • Maximum area: 5.8m2 (4m2 if frequent raising and lowering)
Venetian blind components
  • Slat width: 25mm & 50mm
  • Slat thickness: 2.3 – 2.5mm (for 25mm) – 3mm (for 50mm)
  • Valance (fascia): 63mm height x 7mm thickness (for 50mm) – 33mm height x 7mm thickness (for 25mm)
  • Head rail: 57 x 51mm (for 50mm) – 25 x 25mm (for 25mm)
  • Bottom rail: 50 x 15mm (for 50mm) – 25 x 15mm (for 25mm), special ‘H’ shape
  • Ladder tape: string type (for 25mm) – string or wide fabric tape (for 50mm)
  • Cords optionally on left or right as required
  • Installation items included: brackets, screws
  • UV protectant: heavy duty coating – best available in the market
  • Product variation: being a natural product, minor variations may occur from item to item.
Venetian blind installation
  • Easy to lift and angle, installed in minutes with easy-to-follow instructions
Venetian blind operation
  • Separate cords for pull-up and tilting of slats
  • Tiltable slats – from clear unrestricted view to total view blocking
  • Easy quiet lifting with finer cord and brass locking roller
Venetian blind cleaning
  • Remove dust from wooden venetian blinds with vacuum cleaner or compressed air
  • Clean wooden venetian blinds with damp cloth
  • Do not scrub, or use solvents or any abrasive substance to avoid damaging slat coating