Proshade SAL

Vertical blinds

VERT01 – office practicality
VERT02 – slope windows
VERT04 – high facades
VERT10 – bottom weights & chain
VERT11 – white aluminum track
VERT12 – bottom weights & chain

Our vertical blinds offer you maximum flexibility and creativity. The innovative design allows the louvres to be drawn neatly back to the side to offer clear views. The louvres can also be rotated through 180 degrees allowing the user to control light levels within any room, yet maintain privacy.

Vertical blinds offer versatility and style to both the home and office.



  • Easy to use and versatile
  • 180 degree louvres which maintain light and privacy
  • Translucent fabrics to gently filter the sunshine
  • Available in 12.7 & 8.9 cm louvres width
  • Option of left, right or split draw
  • Vertical blinds make light an architectural design
  • They bring an optimal visual environment to board rooms, conference halls and reception areas



Vertical blind size
  • Minimum width: 30cm
  • Maximum width: 600cm
  • Maximum recommended drop: 400cm – longer can be done for small width blinds
  • Operating cord & chain: Standard size is two thirds of drop but any length is available on request
Vertical blind components
  • Track (aluminium – white): 44.2 x 32.5mm
  • Control mechanism (white): Both the traversing and rotation can be achieved through a gearbox situated at either end of the blind. When open the louvers can be stacked at either end of the blind or equally at both ends of the head channel.
  • Traversing cord: Passing through the gearbox and attached to the lead carriage, the remaining carriages are interconnected by means of stainless steel louver spacers.
  • Rotation chain: Passing through the gearbox, controling the louvers through 180º of rotation. A slipping drive device permits misaligned louvers to be restored to their correct position.
  • Bottom weights: sewn into bottom pockets to stabilize the louvres
  • Stabilizing link chain: attached to either side of the weights to restrict the movement of individual louvers in a draught.
  • Wheeled carriers: Self aligning runners, manufactured from Acetal plastic
  • Links: To control the spacing of the carrier trucks, they are made of stainless steel
  • Fixing brackets: steel fixing clips are top fitted within the window recess or to ‘L’ shaped brackets by a single screw. Clips should be fitted at intervals of no more than 1 metre.
Vertical blind operation
  • Cord for moving the louvres can be on the right or on the left
  • Chain for rotating the louvres has to be on the same side of the cord
  • Louvres can be assembled (open position) on the right or on the left (for 1-way movement) or on both sides (for 2-way movement)
  • Vertical louvre blinds consist of two basic elements, an aluminium headrail containing the carriers incorporating rotatable hooks; and a set of louvres with each louvre hanging from one of the hooks. The carriers traverse along the length of the headrail and are connected to each other in such a way that they can be bunched together at one or both ends of the headrail or drawn out along the full width of the headrail. When drawn out, the distance between adjacent hooks is less than the width of the louvres. Therefore when the hooks rotate the blind to the closed position, the louvre overlap each other.