Proshade SAL

Folding doors

DO02 – panels & links
4 glasses/panel + aluminum handle
DO05 – accessories
PVC folding doors offer a great versatility, being able to create a practical and decorative environment.

They are available in many colours so that they can be matched to any furniture.

Glasses could be inserted in the door panels to make your room brighter.

Glasses and locks are added on client’s desire.


  • Available in two types: Normal – Printed (wood look)
  • Closing mechanism: A handle with magnet or a lock with key
  • Glasses could be inserted in any desired quantity and distribution on the panels
  • Gaining space (in open position) compared to regular doors – good for narrow places
  • Side closure (1-way movement) or center closure (2-way movement)



Folding door components
  • Panel size: 12.5cm
  • Right, left and top rails: 2.6 x 2.4cm
  • PVC glass with frame: 6.6 x 30.9cm – 3 colours (white, black, brown)
  • Handle: PVC or Aluminium
  • Lock: PVC or Aluminium