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String curtains

They are a fashionable and innovative method of enhancing windows and are gradually replacing outdated, old fashioned and boring net curtains.
  • They are particularly attractive, inexpensive and versatile and can be hung both from curtain tracks and poles or even simple rods.
  • They are completely ready to hang and can be hung side by side to cover any width window and can also be cut down for shorter drops, giving privacy, but not blocking out the daylight.
  • Not only can they be used as window furnishings but make ideal room dividers and door curtains, or simply hung in front of walls as decoration.
  • In addition to their use in domestic settings, they have numerous contract possibilities eg shop window displays or backdrops, exhibition stands, concerts and functions in which they can be hung on hoops from ceilings and lit from spotlights giving amazing “chandelier” effects.
  • By using different colour combinations alongside each other, creative designers can achieve wonderful, attractive and truly innovative effects at minimal cost.
Something that has been around for a while, but is starting to become popular in homes, is string curtains.
  • This style of curtain works under the same concept as beaded curtains, where instead of having a single length of material, you have many individual strings hanging down.
  • Beaded curtains are great for decorative purposes, but they are fairly striking, and can quite easily become the focal point of your room.
  • String curtains, on the other hand, are created in such a way that they blend into your decor, softening hard edges and enhancing your room.
String curtains are used quite widely in hotels and restaurants.
  • These businesses put a lot of effort into making their clientele as comfortable as possible, so that they will stay longer and spend more money.
  • They do this in many different ways, and a lot of research has gone into finding those methods that work. For instance, it has been found that a particular type of music playing will help people feel calm and relaxed.
  • Likewise, a particular shade of paint on the walls will also help. When it comes to furnishings, soft and light is the way to go, and the string curtain is the perfect thing to help create this atmosphere. Of course, it wasn’t long before people noticed just how calming and elegant this style of curtain was.