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Finding the right window treatment solution

Here's a guide to finding the right window treatment solution for your specific needs:
To reduce the light level and UV but allow a free view, keeping privacy
You can enjoy the great view outside while remaining invisible to outsiders (day time only), and prolong the fresh colours and condition of your floor coverings & furnishings:
  • Sunscreen roller blinds – that filter the light
To control the exact light, breeze, view, and privacy
Here are a variety of options for controlling all the above at the same time:
  • Venetian blinds have slats adjustable to any angle to control light – from total closure for complete privacy to totally unrestricted view by hoisting right up.
  • Wooden blinds have great insulation to retain warmth in winter to save power, in rich natural timber toning or stylish painted colours.
  • Aluminium venetian blinds add finesse to a room with the ability to reflect the sun's direct light and heat during the day and keep heat in during the evening.
  • Roman blinds add classical style to a room. They can be used as a simpler and cheaper alternative to curtains, or as a complement to them. When fully drawn, they allow an unhindered view.
  • Curtains custom-made to adorn windows and transform a room with a huge range of lovely fabrics plus wide selection of elegant heading styles, swags, and tails.
For conservatories, summer-houses, or rooms with a view
You'll probably want to keep your relaxation space cool in the summer and warm in winter, controlling the light by time of day and season:
  • Sunscreen roller blinds filter the light but allow a good view, keeping privacy.
To totally block-out light during the day
If your household has day-sleepers, shift workers, small children, or people who have problems sleeping in the summer:
  • Blackout roller blinds - with a special lining that blocks light & UV
For high-moisture or steamy rooms such as kitchens or bathrooms
It’s important to get the right kind of blinds for a room that gets steamy or humid, as moisture can shorten their life:
  • Blackout and Sunscreen roller blinds with PVC coated fabrics are made from resilient materials that stay in good condition for years despite moisture, steam, and humidity.
For room dividers
Instead of splashing out on expensive room dividers, blinds can make a cost effective solution - a simple yet effective way to split a large room into smaller living areas for privacy:
  • Blackout roller blinds when left open let light into the whole space or closed give complete privacy.
  • Sliding panels with blackout fabrics will also be a great solution. It will work as a sliding door that you can control the opening size.