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Aluminum venetian blinds



These Aluminium venetian window blinds/ venetian shades are fully adjustable to provide the exact light ambience desired. They are a reliable, highly functional window treatment adding finesse to your interior ambience.

Keep that pristine condition and fresh colour in your furnishings

With finely-spaced slats, these venetian shades can effectively block harsh sunlight while still allowing a good light level in your room. Keep your furniture and floor coverings in that original fresh-coloured condition.

Textures and colours with the right feel for your decor

We have many neutral colours in addition to printed (wood look) and perforated slats to suit a wide range of décor. The headbox, bottom rails, tapes, and cords are all colour co-ordinated with the slats.

Precise control of light and temperature – with power savings

By simply tilting the slats, you can create the exact ambience you want. Setting these Aluminium venetian shades to full-tilt can block sun rays or make total privacy at night. By pulling them right up, an unrestricted view is possible. In winter, you can conserve the heat in your room. In summer, the slats can be opened to let the cool breeze through, or closed a bit to reduce cooling bills by reflecting the sun’s heat.

Easy to operate – with special safety system

Our Aluminium venetian window blinds are smooth and easy to draw up and down. There is a clear plastic wand to open and close slats (for 25mm size) or a cord (for 50mm size), plus cords to raise and lower the blind. The blinds have a crash-proof cordlock (with steel self-locking to hold their position) for easy operation and improved safety.

Long-lasting resilience – Clever design and cost-efficient blind manufacturing

All Alumimium blind slats are stove-enamelled and will retain their original colour and brightness for many years. New improved components and processes help streamline production and cut costs. A new tape roll support and internal tape lock button speeds up assembly.


  • Finely-spaced slats block and reflect direct sunlight and heat
  • crash-proof cordlock
  • Slats tiltable by wand or by cord to get exact light level wanted
  • Have clear unrestricted view through to total view blocking for privacy
  • Complete matching of headbox, bottom rails, tapes, cords, and slats
  • Easy to lift and angle, installed in minutes with easy-to-follow instructions
  • Made to measure in different sizes
  • 3 types of slats: Normal, Printed & Perforated


Venetian blind size
  • Minimum width: 25cm (tilt only) – 30cm (split controls) – 40cm (combined control)
  • Maximum recommended width: 250cm
  • Maximum recommended drop: 300cm
  • Maximum area: 7.5m2
Venetian blind components
  • Slat width: 25mm & 50mm
  • Slat thickness: 0.18mm (for 25mm normal) – 0.21mm (for 25mm perforated) – 0.21mm (for 50mm)
  • Head rail: 57 x 51mm (for 50mm) – 25 x 25mm & 19 x 27mm (for 25mm)
  • Bottom rail: 49 x 20.5mm ‘H’ shape (for 50mm) – 20 x 10.4mm (for 25mm) ‘C’ shape cross-section
  • Installation items included: brackets, screws
  • Slats are high tensile aluminium for extra strength and crease resistance, stove enamelled to retain original colour and brightness throughout many years
  • Head rails and bottom rails are powder coated steel to increase strength and blind life span
Venetian blind installation
  • Easy to lift and angle, installed in minutes with easy-to-follow instructions and mounting components supplied.
Venetian blind operation
  • Wand on left for tilting of slats, with cords on right for pull-up/down, or vice versa, or both on the same side
  • Crash-proof cordlock
Venetian blind cleaning
  • Clean Aluminium venetian window blinds by closing slats and using feather duster, soft brush or cloth. You can also use a vacuum cleaner on low setting
  • For Aluminium blind stains, clean with damp cloth, or gently spray-clean and allow to dry thoroughly
  • A special hand cleaning brush is also available in our stock (for 25mm blinds)